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Technical Security Solutions

Our subject matter experts have years of operational experience supporting both conventional and unconventional military operations around the globe.  OIS Global’s personnel have backgrounds grounded in advanced intelligence tradecraft, language expertise, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency operations and special operations forces support.  Our personnel possess the skills to provide tailored technical security solutions in a stateside or deployed environment across the full spectrum of operations.  Our capabilities ensure an unprecedented level of tactical and strategic situational awareness for our clients.


Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Support

The same skills which give our personnel the edge in supporting tactical operations also allow our personnel to support humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.  In the wake of a natural crisis, where infrastructure and utilities are severely damaged, it is essential that first responders have critical situational and environmental information at their fingertips.  Our team not only ensures first responders and aid organizations get this information in the quickest time possible, but we also ensure it is tailored to make sense and support timely relief operations.


Logistics Management Services

Many private corporations undertake and are involved in large infrastructure development projects in semi-permissive and  non-permissive environments.  The safety and security of their employees and supply chain has a direct impact on business operations, project efficiency and company profitability.  We offer highly specialized consulting services, giving a client the ability to maintain constant situational awareness of their operating environment allowing for the safety of their most critical asset, their people. 


Training Support Services

We offer training support to both public and private sector organizations.  Our personnel have backgrounds as trainers and instructors in advanced intelligence tradecraft and analysis techniques spanning all the disciplines, as well as border security operations, counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations, foreign internal defense and counterintelligence. 

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