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Strategic Partners


When it comes to navigating today's complex security environment, we realize that there is no one size fits all approach to an organization's problems.  In order to provide robust options for our clients, we team with a network of experienced partners around the globe.  This allows for the use of a team approach in the precision application of niche capabilities against an organization's toughest security challenges.  



ProRisk Global Security Solutions


ProRisk Global Security Solutions (PGSS) is an emerging, revolutionary provider of all integrated security solutions for Brazilian domestic and international environments. As a provider of diverse safety, security and risk management solutions, they focus strongly on changing the way individuals and organizations approach and eliminate risk.  PGSS has combined expertise across all facets of modern security realms, from international high-end markets to daily domestic security operational requirements.  We depend on them for operational security collaboration within Brazil and the larger Latin America region. 




Blacklightning possesses the capabilities and resources to deliver extensive critical security support and management services to our clients around the world.  

Since 1986, they have grown into a multi-national security firm with offices in: The USA, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Philippines, Panama, and have expanded their global footprint by teaming up with other security professionals and OGAs (Other Government Agencies).

With a foundation in combating terrorism around the world, they provide strategic and tactical security solutions and training to some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies, such as: Shell Oil, Houston Oil of Colombia, Solomon Brothers, IBM, and California Energy.

Woomera Technology LLC


Backed by a team dedicated to solving the most pressing challenges, Woomera Technology designs, develops, and provides leading-edge IT, cloud technology, cybersecurity, and multi-domain solutions in the face of ever-evolving  threats.  Their services include designing comprehensive approaches to help identify gaps and opportunities to provide broad reporting that includes project plans, timelines, cost analysis, and milestones. Woomera augments our programs and services with their expert operational knowledge of technology applications against hard target problem sets.  

Executive Insights Group


EIG brings decades of experience in national security, advanced analytics, and data management strategies to bore down on your decision debilitating issues.  EIG understands what service truly means, the demands that face today's decision-makers, and the data necessary to augment today's decision-making about tomorrow.  We depend on EIS's deep experience with enterprise data flows, operational research and systems analysis and big data analytic processes to support a client's enterprise technology mission requirements.

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